You became an NTP or NTC to make an impact in this world.

Building a business is challenging. As you navigate marketing methods, look for new clients, and figure out how to run a practice, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.
Which is why we’ve created the first ever Career Development Course to help you learn how to find clients you love working with, build a thriving practice, and help heal the world.

Exclusively for NTA Students and Alumni.

The truth is, the world needs your help. With the training you’ve received from the NTA, you have the tools to make an incredible difference in the lives of those you work with and to create a financially rewarding practice.

The Career Development Course is an 8-week online course designed to give you the resources you need to launch a successful career.


This course takes the guesswork out of the business side of being a practitioner so you can focus on what you want to do most: help people thrive.The intensive, eight-week program, divided into fourteen modules, will give you the tools to identify and accomplish your business dreams so that you can earn the income you want, doing the work you love.

Many NTA students and graduates aspire to start a one-on-one nutritional therapy practice, offer group programs, build online businesses, work as an allied professional in an existing practice, or envision another career path. Whatever your business dream as a nutrition professional may be, with this course, you’ll receive the clarity, action steps, mentorship, and confidence to achieve it.


Based on the PEACE Process, the definitive business resource for nutritional therapy practitioners and consultants, the course is led by its author, Miriam Zacharias, NTC and the founder of the Holistic Entrepreneur Association, Jessica Pantermuehl, NTP.  You will have the opportunity to work directly with the lead instructors via online forums and four live video discussions. You’ll also have experienced mentors guiding you every step of the way, giving you access to the best business experts in the field.

During this 8-week course, you will:


✓ Get laser-focused on creating the kind of business you’ve been dreaming of

✓ Identify your dream client so that you can fill your practice with exactly who you want to help

✓ Gain clarity on how to structure service offerings and pricing

✓ Develop a brand you love and one that attracts your clients like bees to honey

✓ Learn how to craft marketing messages that speak directly to the needs of your clients

✓ Understand the best ways to build a beautiful website that you can be proud of

✓ Gain clarity on how you can leverage the latest in digital marketing

✓ Identify the best in-person and online marketing opportunities for your unique business

✓ Build a network of practitioners and mentors for long term support

✓ Create a complete Career Compass that will serve as a business plan that guides your practice so you’re never second-guessing your next steps

 What to expect

Each course will be divided into smaller mastermind groups with no more than forty people that are facilitated daily by hand-selected mentors that have real-world, proven business success. These mastermind groups afford students the opportunity to learn from some of the best alumni and work together in a more intimate environment to build on each other’s thinking.  You’ll leave with a life-long network on continuing to build your practice.

All participants will be guided through a series of hands-on, practical tools that will help you identify the kinds of clients you’ll most love working with, provide you with effective online and in-person marketing tactics to fill your practice, and support
you in creating a business plan you can use to launch your business.

In two short months, you’ll be ready to launch a successful practice. What’s stopping you from investing in your dream?

Meet Your Instructional Team

Meet Your Lead Instructors

Miriam Zacharias, MS, NTC, BCHN®

Miriam is dedicated to helping natural health enterprises achieve unparalleled practice and personal success.

She is author of the highly-acclaimed marketing book, The PEACE Process, and teaches marketing, leadership, and other practice management topics at health industry conferences and schools throughout the country. Miriam also strategizes with wellness industry leaders to help them realize remarkable levels of performance and joy in their work.

Following two decades as a sales and marketing executive in the high-tech industry, Miriam obtained credentials in holistic nutrition, sports nutrition and executive coaching and ran a thriving nutrition practice in southern California. She holds an M.S. in Human Ecology from the Ohio State University, is a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant and is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition.

Miriam has been an active board member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (, the leading trade association for holistic nutrition professionals in the United States, for more than 8 years. She is honored to now serve its members as President.

Learn more about Miriam’s work by visiting

Jessica Pantermuehl, NTP, CHHC

Jessica is the Head of Marketing for the Nutritional Therapy Association and a business and marketing educator for holistic health professionals.

She is Adjunct Faculty for the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (Marketing and Leadership) and the Founder and Director of the Holistic Entrepreneur Association, a membership organization that provides business tools and resources to nutrition-oriented health professionals in over 20 countries.

With six years of experience as a practitioner both in private practice and as the head of nutrition counseling for an integrative medical practice in Los Angeles, having supported health and wellness brands in the corporate space as a Digital Marketing Strategist and Brand Specialist, and having consulted for individual practitioners, Jessica understands the breadth and scope of the business challenges faced by health professionals today.

Learn more about Jessica’s work by visiting

Meet Your Mentors

Suzanne Mondello, NTP 

Jen Minnich, NTP

Kariman Pierce, NTP

 Shelley Gawith, NTP

Amie Tollefsrud, NTP

Yasmin Kahn, NTP

What you’re going to learn:

Module 1: The Essential Link Between Your Story and Your Career

Connect to your purpose and define your vision statement so that you can become crystal clear on the kind of impact you’d like to create in this world.

Module 2: Using Goal Setting, Planning, and Productivity to Achieve Your Aims

Learn how to translate your vision into real-world goals, and discover how you can create a clear, step-by-step plan of action for accomplishing them. Also, find out how to overcome one of the primary roadblocks that sabotages the success of a new business owner.

Module 3: How to Differentiate Yourself through a Unique Market Position

Uncover how to position yourself as a practitioner in a way that attracts the kind of clients you most love working with. The single most effective way to build awareness and success is through targeted audience focus, but many practitioners get lost in how to go about doing this. Sidestep the confusion by following the step-by-step method waiting for you in this module.

Module 4: Putting Systems to Work in Your Business

Avoid the notorious overwhelm that accompanies starting a practice by learning the seven systems you must have in place for business clarity and expansion. Learn how to structure programs and track clients, finances, supplements, programs, and more.

Module 5: Establish a Clear Brand to Convey Who You Are and Who You Serve

Learn how visual elements, such as colors and fonts, contribute toward your overall brand message, and discover how to decide on – and implement – the best visual elements for your business.

Module 6: Your Website: Your Digital First Impression

Isolate the key differences between a website that works for your business and one that works against it. In this module, you’ll also learn how to navigate the world of web design so that you can have a website you love that fits within a budget of any size.

Module 7: Using In-Person Marketing to Grow Your Practice

Explore the world of in-person marketing opportunities, such as referrals, networking, and speaking engagements, and learn to identify which will work best for your unique skillset and business model. Learn how to provide value to your community so that you can establish yourself as a trusted practitioner in your area.

Module 8: Promoting Yourself Through Media Marketing

Understand the difference between push and pull marketing, and learn the step-by-step methods for creating marketing campaigns that will have clients knocking at your door. Explore the many opportunities in media marketing, from being featured in blogs and magazines you love, to navigating radio, TV, and print advertising.

Module 9: Authority Through Writing: Blogs, Books, E-Books, and Publishing

Explore the different types of content you can write to attract your audience, build your credibility, and fill your practice. In this module, you’ll find out just how easy it can be to write powerful content, whether a book, a blog, or a simple how-to guide, and, if it aligns with your goals, the steps you can take to become a published author.

Module 10: Leveraging the Power of Digital Marketing

Uncover the powerful role that digital marketing can play in your business. Learn the unique advantages of digital platforms like social media, blogging, and email marketing, and discover timesaving tools that put them to work for you. Avoid overwhelm and confusion by understanding how to create step-by-step digital marketing strategies using the 3-part framework you’ll learn in this module.

Module 11: Getting Gigs with Allied Practitioners and Partners

Learn the process for how to make yourself irresistible to an existing practitioner or practice you’d like to join, and get clarity on what you’ll need to consider and have in place prior to joining forces.

Module 12: Sales Skills: from Prospect to Client

Banish your fear of selling and learn the 4-step method for converting a prospect into a paying client. In this module, you’ll have the opportunity not to just learn the theory of effective sales, but will be able to practice the proven 4-step method so that you can feel confident conducting sales conversations in your practice.

Module 13: Launching an Online Business

Discover the four-part strategy for building an online business to provide your practice with an additional stream of income. The world of online business can be daunting, but if you’d like to incorporate an online business in your career strategy, this module will provide you with the key steps necessary to build the foundations and launch.

Module 14: Putting It All Together and Next Steps

Complete your comprehensive Career Development Compass, a powerful, yet simple roadmap for your career and your business, and identify your list of priorities to focus on so that you can take consistent action to move forward in accomplishing your career goals.

What makes the Career Development Course Different

8-Week, quick start program to get your business up and running fast

Online format with rich interaction to provide mentorship and accountability

Four interactive video conferences with lead instructors to support you every step of the way

Engaging video format with written assignments and resources that accommodate many different learning styles

Approximately four hours per week of learning with a primary focus on utilizing career development tools, translating your time investment into tangible, real-world progress in your business

Integrated Career Compass to serve as your business roadmap

Tailored specifically for the kind of nutrition career you’d like to create - not a cookie cutter template

Practical tools utilized in the course that will jumpstart the development of your business

Based on the PEACE Process, the definitive business resource designed for Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and Consultants

Delivered in a small group format to develop a lifelong peer support network

Opportunity to learn from other practitioners via guided discussions

Facilitated by hand-selected business mentors that operate successful businesses

Your Investment


Imagine the tremendous advantage you would have in launching your business with the tools, clarity, and insights you’ll gain in the Career Development Course.


Think of the time, money, and frustration you’ll save yourself by making informed decisions early on, rather than spending years learning by trial and error.


Picture the peace of mind you’ll have, knowing that the steps you are taking to move your business forward are those you’ve mapped out with the guidance of expert mentors who know what it takes to succeed in this field.


Now, think about what it’s worth to be able to sidestep the feelings of overwhelm, confusion, lack of clarity, uncertainty in direction, and the often needless expenditure of time and money thrown at trying to figure it all out on your own… traps that so many new business owners fall into.


The benefits are priceless. The value is unmistakable. And the incredibly reasonable course enrollment fee is our way of showing you, our students and alumni, how much we care about your success.


The Career Development Course gives you access to:


  • Over five hours of cutting edge video business curriculum, created exclusively for NTPs and NTCs ($3000 value)
  • 4 interactive, 90-minute video sessions with world class instructors. ($2400 value)
  • 8-week group mastermind facilitated by highly skilled, successful mentors ($1800 value)
  • Done-For-You templates, spreadsheets, marketing, and planning materials ($900 value)
  • 10 total NTA-approved Business CEU Credits (20 hours of coursework for other CEU purposes) ($200+ value)
  • A customized Career Compass, the business blueprint and roadmap for your practice (priceless)

At $2,000, the Career Development Course would be an incredible value, and this is what we initially considered charging.


But, we’re not pricing the tuition at $2,000, because we want to make it extremely easy for you to take your gifts into the world. Instead, when students enroll in the Career Development Course while they are actively enrolled in their NTP or NTC course, we are offering it for just $599.

And what about for our alumni?


We are happy to provide an introductory offer to our alumni for just $599 as well, for those who enroll in the first year the Career Development Course classes are offered (2018).


Due to the fact that we limit the size of each class to ensure an exceptional student experience, this introductory $599 alumni offer will be limited to the first 500 alumni who enroll.


After the introductory offer ends, the price to alumni will increase to $1,499. Still an incredible deal, of course! But why wait?


We anticipate that each of these 500 alumni spots will be filled, so if you are considering taking the Career Development Course, now is the best time to enroll. The first class starts in March!

Upcoming Class Schedule &

Registration Dates

March 2018 START CLASS

Registration Window: Nov 20, 2017 – Feb 28, 2018

Course Start Date: March 12, 2018

Course Concludes: May 4, 2018


$599 Introducing price for students and Alumni


Registration Window: Nov 20, 2017 – April 30, 2018

Course Start Date: May 14, 2018

Course Concludes: July 6, 2018


$599 Introducing price for students and Alumni


Registration Window: Nov 20, 2017 – May 31, 2018

Course Start Date: June 18, 2018

Course Concludes: August 10, 2018


$599 Introducing price for students and Alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantage does this course have over the other online career development courses for nutritionists?  

This course has been created exclusively for NTPs and NTCs, and is delivered and facilitated by NTPs and NTCs with real-world experience in running practices and businesses. It is highly customized for your needs based on your unique nutrition training.

In addition, the level of personal attention, mentorship, and support offered in this course far exceeds what you will find in most business courses available, at a fraction of the price.



Do I have to take the course on a schedule within the 8 weeks? When are the coaching calls and what happens if I have scheduling conflicts? 

All calls will be recorded and you’ll have access to the course materials for a full year.
We already had a business basics module in our NTP/NTC program. How is this different?

In the business basics module inside the NTP/NTC program, we present the key basics of what should be considered when starting a business. While this is a great business overview, the core focus of the NTP/NTC course is on foundational nutrition knowledge, not a deep dive into the business side of being a practitioner.

The Career Development Course distills the most important business lessons and experience from practitioners who have been in practice for years, significantly reducing the learning curve of launching and expanding your business.



Is there an ideal time to take this course? What if I haven’t started my business yet? What if I’ve already been practicing for a while?

Regardless of where you are in your business journey, the Career Development Course will help you grow, expand, and move to the next level.  You can use this information to sign up your first paying clients while you’re still enrolled in the course as easily as you can use it to multiply your existing client base and create a waiting list for your services.



You mentioned that we’d be divided into mastermind groups. What is a mastermind group and how does it work? 

A mastermind group is essentially a cohort of people who meet together regularly and tackle challenges together. Your mastermind group will have no more than forty people, and hand-selected mentors that have real-world, proven business success will facilitate your group. These mastermind groups afford you the opportunity to learn from some of the best alumni and work together in a more intimate environment to build on each other’s thinking.  You’ll leave with a life-long network that can act as a wonderful support system for you as you continue to build your practice.



When does the program start, and how do we access it?

The next class starts on March 12, 2018. The course is delivered through our Brightspace learning platform, which is accessible from a desktop browser or mobile device. We will provide you with all of the information you need to set up your account once you enroll.



What if I need support between Q & A calls?

The Mentors will be available for you in the discussion forums, and will be facilitating weekly dialogue and providing feedback on your work.



When will the Career Development Course be offered again?

We will be offering the course throughout the year. Please check back here to view the above “Upcoming Class Schedule & Registration Dates” for specific dates.



If I try the course out and don’t like it, can I get a refund? 

This course is so valuable that once you start, you should finish it. Since the course is priced at a significant discount for our NTA students and graduates, once the course has been started there is no refund.



How much time will I need to set aside to be successful with this course?

You should expect to devote approximately four hours per week to the video content, reading, and assignment work. There will be daily, facilitated discussion groups as well. The more you put into the course, the more you will get out of it!



How can I tell if I’m doing well in the course? Is it graded?

The course is not graded but you will get regular feedback on the assignments from the Career Mentors as well as some feedback from the Lead Instructors. This is a “what you put in is what you get out” course. If you put in the effort, it’s your career that will benefit!



Will I receive any certification or CEUs for completing this course?

You will receive 10 total NTA-approved Business CEU Credits (20 hours of coursework for other CEU purposes)



Are there required materials or technology I need to use for taking this course?

The course is delivered through our Brightspace learning platform, which is accessible from a desktop browser or mobile device. We will provide you with all of the information you need to set up your account once you enroll.



How much does the course cost? Is there a payment plan option?

Tuition is $599 for students currently enrolled in the NTP or NTC program, and $599 for the first 500 alumni to enroll in the Career Development Course within the first year (2018). After that, tuition for alumni will be $1,499. Tuition will remain $599 for currently enrolled students.



What if I still have questions?

If you have additional questions, please check out our dedicated FAQ page for this course.



Ok, I’m ready to get started! How do I sign up? 

Wonderful! We are so looking forward to having you in the course. You can sign up on our course enrollment page.